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  • General

    Welcome to the CSUN Kinesiology Department

    Undergraduate Advising Moodle Site

    (last updated 02/2016)

    Avoid learned helplessness!

    In addition to this Moodle site, many of your questions can be answered by consulting the links below.

    • If you cannot find an answer to your question (AFTER consulting with this site and the links below), please contact your Kinesiology option advisor (during the fall and spring semesters only).
    • If you do not know who your option advisor is, go to the Kinesiology webpage on the CSUN website (STUDENTS section).


  • KIN 494: Academic Internship

    Please go to the link below for information about KIN 494: Academic Internship

  • Registration Problems

    Registration Hold

    See "Major" Advising Hold section below

    Other Holds

    The only holds that can be removed by the Kinesiology Department are "Major" advising holds.

    Probation Holds: contact the Sangita Dube at:

    For information about other holds, use the link below.

    Prerequisite Not Met

    If you are attempting to enroll in a course with a prerequisite that you took somewhere other than CSUN and/or if the prerequisite was substituted or waived, SOLAR may not recognize it and therefore may not allow you to enroll in the course. In this situation, see information below.

    KIN Course

    Email the course instructor, explain the situation, and attach a current PDF copy of your DPR. If the instructor is listed as "Staff" or if you do not receive a prompt response from the instructor, contact the Kinesiology Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Kim Henige at

    Non-KIN Course

    Contact the department of the course for which you are trying to enroll.

    Retaking a Course

    For information about registering in a course you are retaking, see the CSUN Website. Registration or Wait Listing in this situation is not allowed until a few weeks prior to the beginning of semester. See the CSUN website for specific dates.

    Extra Unit Authorization

    Use link below for more information.


  • Need a KIN Class That is Closed?

    If you were not able to get into a course that you need, you should:

    • Try to get on the electronic waiting list through SOLAR(however, some courses do not have electronic waiting lists). The waiting lists will be the primary means of adding students through the first week of classes. Beginning the second week of the semester, all adds are at the discretions of the individual instructors.
    • For courses without waiting lists, contact the instructors directly.
    • You should attend the classes you wish to add on the first day of class to receive instructions from the instructors about how they will handle adds. You should bring a current copy of your DPR, because many instructors will add based on units completed and graduation status.
    • Course Substitutions

      For course substitutions, please contact Dr. Kim Henige at and include (1) current PDF copy of your DPR and (2) list of the courses you are requesting to substitute.

      NOTE: Sometimes when prerequisite courses are substituted, SOLAR will not recognize that the prereq has been met. If you try to enroll in a class that requires a prereq that SOLAR is not recognizing, contact the course instructor to explain the situation and request a permission number (attach a current PDF copy of your DPR). If the instructor is listed as "Staff" or if the instructor does not respond promptly, contact the Kinesiology Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Kim Henige at

      • Change of Major or Option / Addition of Second Major

        If you have completed LESS THAN 90 UNITS (see DPR)

        Make the change online in your SOLAR student center. For a tutorial that explains how to do this, go to:

        The Department of Kinesiology is within the College of Health & Human Development. You will need this information when changing your major or option online.

        If you have completed 90 UNITS OR MORE (see DPR)

        Complete the "Change of Major" form (see below) and take it to the department of your new major/option. In addition to the form, bring a current copy of your DPR.

        You will likely need assistance completing the form, and therefore you should see the undergraduate advisor in the department of your new major/option. If you are attempting to make the change at a time other than the fall or spring semester, the advisor will not be available for assistance. In that case, wait until the next regular semester begin and attend the advisor's office hours for assistance.

        Basically, if you can complete the new major/option within 140 units, your request will likely be approved. However, if it will take you greater than 140 units, your request will likely be denied. If it is denied there is an option of appealing the decision. See the form below for detailed information about the CSUN change/addition/removal of major/minor policy.

      • Degree Requirements Not Met

        If you thought you graduated but received a letter or email stating that your degree requirements have not been met, check your DPR to see what you are missing.

        If there are one or more courses listed under "Additional Courses Which Count Toward Total Units Required ..." that should be listed in other sections (providing credit for degree requirements)


        If you have reviewed your DPR and are still not sure why you have not met all of the degree requirements

        Contact Dr. Kim Henige at to explain the problem. Attach a PDF copy of your DPR. She will review your DPR and get back to you.

        • Graduation Application

          Please see the "STUDENTS" section on the Kinesiology website for detailed instructions on how to apply for graduation. You can use the link below for direct access.

        • General Education Courses

          For questions regarding General Education (GE) courses, please see the Kinesiology Academic Advisor, Sangita Dube for assistance. Use the link below for contact information.

        • Summer & Winter Advising

          Kinesiology advising is offered during the fall and spring semesters. This includes advising over email, and therefore your advisor generally will not respond to emails regarding advising.

          For immediate assistance regarding general advising, visit the Kinesiology Academic Advisor, Sangita Dube. Use the link below for her contact information.