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    Welcome to the advisement website for
    the residential program in


    at California State University Northridge

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      If you are applying for graduate school at CSUN in CDS, READ BELOW!!

      questionsFirst, read our FAQs (below) about applying to the graduate program. Information about the applications for Fall 2016 will be posted on the Department Homepage when available.

      You can do three things to prepare for your application:

      1. Study for, and take, the GRE or MAT. We MUST have these scores when you submit your application.  Do not wait until the month your application is due, as we will not get your scores in time.

      2. When it is closer to your submission, respectfully ask your desired recommenders if they would be willing to write you letters of recommendation.  Consent to write a recommendation is NOT automatic- instructors may feel that they do not know you well enough, so make sure to have a backup plan in case someone says no.
      Some letter writers have a limit on how many applications they are able to do for each student, so be sure to ask if your desired instructor has limitsMost recommenders will require requests for letters to be made no later than November 1, 2015 for letters to be used in applications for Fall 2016. 

      3. Starting with Spring 2016, the CSUN application for graduate study including letters of recommendation, is completely online.  You will give the recommender's email address as part of your application, and the recommenders will be sent an email with instructions for submitting the letters online.  However, other institutions may require a "hard copy" recommendation form.  When that is the case, you must download the recommendation form, and make sure to fill out and sign the information at the top before you give the form to your recommender.   Check with your recommender to see if they require you to waive your right to access to the letter. 
       You will need to supply all needed information as well as a tracking sheet to each faculty member that will be writing a letter for you.  Refer to the FAQ sheet for additional suggestions.
    • NSSHLA, our student organization


      Are you a member of NSSHLA?

      For information about our student organization, go to their website

      and/or their Facebook page (links below):

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      that you can discuss difficult cases, ponder ethics problems, and share information with other students and professionals on Facebook?

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      • ASHA and other resources for SLPs

        Below are links to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Website, as well as other resources worth a look. We've also included links to blogs: blogs by NSSHLA and ASHA are just a few that deserve a look. Also check out the blog written by a stroke survivor using voice to word technology (all below). There are also two new resources below about iPad applications for SLPs (one for pediatrics, and one from Dr. Jackson for adults).
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        Questions or comments about this site? Is there something you would like to see posted here as a resource for other students?

        Contact Dr. Strike-Roussos at

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          Graduate students: go to your advisor's advisement site and follow the directions carefully.