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If you need access to the Moodle 1.9 server (Spring 2013 courses), please go to


  • Spring 2014 courses will not appear until your instructor(s) make them available to students. Each individual instructor decides when their course will become available to students. Please see the Student Moodle Help for more information.
  • Are you thinking about registering for an online class at CSUN next semester? Before you enroll, take the Student Online Readiness Survey (created by CSU-Stanislaus) to see whether your learning preferences and technology skills are likely to help you succeed as an online learner. Also take a look at the course designations for hybrid and online classes.


  • New features were added for faculty and staff to utilize in Spring 2014. See Moodle Spring 2014 Improvements to learn more.
  • Spring 2013 courses occurred on a different server than Moodle 2. If you need the content from a Spring 2013 course or a Special Site migrated to Moodle 2, please fill out a Migration Request Form (For Instructors/Staff only). If you have additional questions/comments, please email